Liebster Award

I am busy getting this wordpress up to snuff then will be adding my fictional works here.  Until then you will find my nonfictional blogs on blogger connected to Google +.


Thank you Matt Ewens for nominating me, I was so surprised that it was completely missed.  Enjoyed reading your answers, then it took a while even after you congratulated me?  I was like… for what.. then OHHHH… jumping up and down… replaced the chair I broke… put ice on my bum after falling…. but hey….neighbors came over concerned because the dog was barking along with my excited jubilation… worried when I heard the sirens careening past the house then settled down to participate.   I still luvs you Matt but just in case… I will send you a private e mail with my secret stash location just in case bail money is needed due to my disturbing the peace.  Hugs and Thank you.


This award is to give some thanks to great bloggers out there for their contributions and for giving their support to others.

The rules for accepting the Liebster Blog Award:

1- List eleven random facts about yourself.
2- Nominate eleven other bloggers.
3- Notify these bloggers.
4- Ask eleven questions that the bloggers must answer upon accepting the award.
5- Answer the eleven questions that you were asked when you were nominated.
6- Link back to the person who nominated you.


Facts about me:

1.  I breath heavy at night but DO NOT snore.

2   I was cured of snoring by locking my Partner out of the bedroom when accused of this horrid thing.  She tells me that I was cured completely.

3   I competed with a Doberman earning 3 titles in 5 weeks.

4   I am frustratingly spontaneous, often at the worse possible time.

5   I am either very shy or covering it up by being extroverted.

6   I have a disorder known as disassociative personality disorder/co-conscious.

7   I LOVE pineapple sorbet.

8   I can not touch my elbow with my nose.

9   Because of number 8 I have sadly realized that I am NOT a fairy.

10   I am bug phobic…. refer to Suggest beginning with day 1.  Sigh this is NOT fiction folks and it may take a hypnotist to ever get another good nights sleep.  Fact, I still hate my girlfriend for laughing while reading the horror of it all and when explaining this to her she just laughed harder.  I am still making her make it up to me in various ways.

11   I created a wordpress account for my fictional work earlier today at which is still under construction.  My nonfiction personal musings can continue to be found at blogger.

Matt Ewens burning questions answered:

1. What’s the meaning of life to you, what’s the point?
There is no point, only forward momentum.  Life has only the meaning we each attach to it.

2. What are you best at?
Failing, it is a wonderful staring point only up from here, helps keep me humble.

3. If you were captured by aliens and put into an arena and they used their power of divination to determine your greatest fear or the one creature/animal/monster fake or real – what would appear out of the shadows to face you?
Myself, no one knows my weaknesses/strengths better than I.

4. Favourite gig of all time?
The time spent helping a company in bankruptcy recover.  What a ride but together we did it and they are now at the top of their field.

5. How do you boil an egg?
Wash one of the dirty pans on the counter because I had no time to wash dishes due to being in a creative flow, turn the burner on the stove to 5, place an egg in the pan and fill with water just covering the egg, place egg/pan/water on the hot burner .  Set the timer for 10 minutes, put a lid on the pan.  Fail to hear the timer go off because of music blasting through the headphones while madly typing.  Become alerted when the smoke detectors begin wailing.  Throw out the mess in the pan, open the windows and door, reassure the neighbors that everything is under control (again).  Wash a new dirty pan from the counter and start again from the beginning only this time, sit on the counter beside the pot with egg inside of it making certain to pay attention.  Thirty minutes later the water still has not come to a boil.  Decide that a watched pot will not boil so remove myself to my desk after setting the timer for 10 minutes.  Sadly same result as before so after the fire truck leaves, I decide to call out for pizza.  And that, my friend, is how to boil an egg.  Wishing you the best of luck on your endeavor.  Email me and I will give you the web site url to order your pizza.

6. If you could magic your mind into the body of any living human being on planet Earth, who would it be and why? (keep in mind this is a lifetime swap there’s no going back).  
My neighbor on the corner.  Mary is wonderful, she is also very lonely, housebound and I am not certain she has ever known true love.  Even though I have only known her through a mutual neighbors gossip, she is close to the end of her days here.  I would love for her to know what it is to be loved, feel good about herself being surrounded with the wonderful support system in my life, secure and all the wonders life can offer (even if only while being immersed in a work of fiction).  Since I believe in reincarnation, my turn will come again and with me I carry knowing a love beyond measure into my eternity.  This isn’t something every one gets to experience and I would love for her to have this to also carry forward into her eternity.

7. If a clown jumped out of a van in the street while you were minding your own business and handed you a big pot of pink paint and a big crush and said ‘you must paint that house over there pink, if you do then you’ll get this,’ he shows you the biggest diamond you’ve ever seen in your life.
Time to get busy, call all my friends and tell them to bring beer and KFC cause the party is at the partially pink house (which we are finger painting due to no brush) and they are all invited WOOT WOOT…. thankfully, I have my work clothing on and my friends are spontaneous like that.  Bozo didn’t say anything about not inviting my friends and they are gonna love seeing a clown secured with duct tape at this party.  You didn’t think I was gonna let him run off with that polished lump of compressed coal… did you?
8. Favourite food?
Curley’s Barbecue anything… yummm

9. If you were suddenly transformed or transmogrified into a great bowl along with your equivalent selves from every country in the world and you were asked by GOD to compete against each other in a variety of sports and tests, what self from what country would win and why?
My Sentinelese self from the Andaman Islands in the Bay of Bengal, she would be untouched by the evil of modern society and in that purity, God would find favor.  This not withstanding the fact that her small tribe lives completely isolated on an island.  The tribal members are all resilient, agile, fit with an intelligence that has allowed them to continue anonymity regardless of our desire to interview them.  This of course is assuming that she does not catch the common cold and die before the sporting events and tests conclude.  Another obvious reason here is that the Sentinelese have not required a taste for salad dressing…. all my other selves in the “bowl” would be waiting for the poppy seed dressing and searching for the lettuce… it must be in here somewhere.

10. Best thing you’ve done for another human being?
To Be Announced: I try every day to do something to uplift others.
To date I’m happy that I allowed my Daughter to be an organ donor as per her wishes.  This is not my doing, understand, but she allowed 2 women to have new kidneys and a little girl to have a new heart.  We could not prevent our own grief but 3 other families were spared.

11. What are you long-term life goals?
My long term goal is to be better every day than the day before.

Eleven Questions for my Nominees

1.  Are you happy and why or why not?

2.  If you had all of the resources in the world what would you do with it?

3.  Why do you write and what motivates you to share this with others?

4.  Describe your favorite beverage to such a degree that I will be able to figure out what it is without any obvious clues (such as type of beverage, names etc).

5.  Easy question… thought you needed a break… have you ever dressed up in your parents clothing and been caught?  Explanations are welcome but not required.

6. If you were a breakfast cereal which would it be and why?

7.  You have been banished to a deserted island, why?

8.  Describe your favorite vacation (either attained or planned).

9.  What is your favorite personal trait?

10.  What is your least favorite personal trait?

11.  Name your favorite method of relaxation while keeping the answer completely rated PG.


Who would I LOVE to Nominate for this prestigious award?

Cheryl KP —

Neurotic Nelly —

Barry Pearman —

Cheryl Keyworth —

Rea De Miranda —

Ronda Reed —

Liana Scott —

Jennifer Kirk —

James Gooch —

Jerri Smythe —

Lyn Geist —



About authorshonique

The morning dew creates strange imprints on gently crushed blades of grass with each step. Large Opal eyes adjust as a golden sun is just beginning to rise with a warmth unfamiliar upon her home world. With a cat like grace she stretches to experience some of the delicious sensations this human body will provide. Remembering her training, Daria quickly locates an old shirt which had been carelessly discarded to pull over the bronze, athletic body she had been assigned. He was near, his scent unmistakable, a barely perceptible smile crosses perfect lips. Crouching down she waits. He is hers, he just does not know it YET............ I really need to finish this story some day... sigh... it is a good one.
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13 Responses to Liebster Award

  1. Rea says:

    Thank you for this my beautiful friend. It was great getting to know you!

  2. dweezer19 says:

    First, congratulations! You are so deserving of this. No one makes me laugh like you do with your posts. You have a magical way of looking at the potentially hazardous waste of our psyches. Secondly, thank you for the nomination and I sure hope I get it right. I am such a disorganized blogger. Lol.I am very much looking forward to your fictional work as well!

  3. dweezer19 says:

    PS I love your facts about yourself. No worries about me getting locked out for complaining of my hubby’s snoring. I leave willingly to retreat to my quiet room. Sleep is mega important to me and I sleep so lightly. Gotta have the quiet! I must say I WAS a bit disappointed about the whole “not being a faerie” thing. I would have sworn it….;)

    • LOL… yeah it put me in bed for many days, unable to face the world upon discovering that I was NOT a fairy. Sigh…. So far my Partner has NOT allowed me to put a lock on this bedroom door, she was pretty traumatized by that but the great news is that we discovered the miracle cure for stopping snoring. I am considering uploading (when I get this wordpress thing figured out) some short stories….hope you like them. Hugs my beautiful friend….. and THANK YOU for being one of the beautiful, fragrant, rare, exotic flowers of this world and not one of the common weeds.

  4. Congratulations! You are very deserving of this award so enjoy it. All the best!

    • Well this thing is giving me fits tonight. Must be bed time. Thank you Vashti…. didn’t I see where you were nominated by Rea? I started to add you to the new one over on blogger but saw she had already nominated you. I am very impressed with your work and can only hope to be able to paint with words as you do. Hugs

  5. susan says:

    Congratulationsss am so proud of u! awww u deserve it…hugs

    • Thank you Susan, it was a surprise and I am not all together certain I deserve it because still, I have no idea where the writing comes from. It just comes and I pen it to paper then share it with you. Hugs

  6. Cheryl says:

    Congrats Sho! Of course you deserve it. :))

    • Thank you Cheryl. As I said above, it was quite the surprise and I am not certain that I deserve it… but I have passed on your sentiment to whoever that is that whispers in my heart…….. “I want you to write THIS today”. Hugs.

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