Ronda’s Story


Jenny threw a stick as far as her little 5 year old arms could throw, releasing a shrill laugh as her ever present companion bounced after it.  Bounder had been Jenny’s best friend, growing up together, forever squirming his way into virtually every photograph ever taken of her.  The task of removing him from the crib was soon relinquished in favor of less interrupted sleep.  Twenty five pounds of hair, muscle, bones and teeth, seemingly with one life purpose, to make little Jenny laugh.

Jenny had been playing with Bounder most of the day, a result  of his lack of tolerance for Connie, Jim’s assistant.

The little dogs opinion seemed to mirror the guests as he headed for the doggy door escaping into the fresh open air, almost as quickly as seeing her rise from bed this morning.  Why did Jim not understand how dangerous a dog like this can be and the effect it had upon her, mused Connie.  Well, I must pick my battles after all this is his home and he was here first.  Connie felt her stomach lurch and turned toward the bathroom to forcefully eject the water she had consumed then settled down feeling defeated at the kitchen table.  She was only happy that the ugly little mutt stayed out from under her feet this morning.

It seemed as if Jim had been away on this business trip for months, Ronda thought as she washed up the breakfast dishes while watching Jenny in the front yard playing.

Connie stood up suddenly from the table, her make shift writing desk, gliding to the bathroom with the grace of a whiff of smoke.  I would give anything to possess that fluidity of movement, Ronda thought, then shook the envy from her mind.  It seems this flu has been with that poor girl for weeks now.  She would miss Connie when she went back home but appreciated the company while Jim was away.  Now that Jenny was more independent taking care of her friend was a joy.  It was nice to be needed.  Ronda had been watching her friend waste away in front of her very eyes becoming the pale, slender waif of the girl that once was.

“Connie, is there anything I can do for you?”, Ronda called out to the occupant retching in the bathroom with concern as she dried her hands.

No answer came from Connie.  She turned to put a pot of herbal tea on the stove.

The telephone rang as Connie came out of the bathroom, she answered it on her way past.

“Are you certain?”
“Yes, I can make it at that time.  I will see you then”.

Connie hung up the phone and went directly back to her writing.

Concern over took Ronda with questions, all leading to the worst possibilities but there is a time and place for everything and obviously this is not the time as Connie refused to even make eye contact with her.  Well, maybe she will talk about it when she is finished with this portion of her writing.  She hates to be interrupted and poor thing, she is trying to continue working even through this horrible virus she has.  Connie smoothed her shirt over her lower front pausing at her rumbling waist line, threatening to erupt once again.

Ronda decided to go outside to work in the garden giving Connie a little quiet after insuring that she had everything she might need.  Her tea cup was full, the pot had been refilled with steaming water and she seemed settled in for a bit.  Perhaps she would feel up to talking later?

Jim was coming home soon, Ronda thought excitedly as she listened to Jenny play with Bounder barking happily at her side.  The day was perfect except for the concern for her friend.

Ronda settled into a memory.  “Oh, sugar butt” she whispered softly as she ran her hands across his firm backside, he grinding playfully, softly against her.  She involuntarily flushed while warmth spread between her thighs.  Her heart began pounding to a new rhythm.  Soon he would be home, soon, for now she reminisced losing herself for a few moments in sweet memories.

“Jenny, we better go in now and get ready.  Daddy will be home soon”.

Jenny ran playfully to her Mother, cheeks flushed and hot with a very tired Bounder looking as if he needed a nap.  He happily followed them inside and to the laundry room curling into his plush bed for a rest.

Ronda was busy with Jenny’s bath when Jim came home.  She heard he and Connie talking in the living room as she exited the hallway to the kitchen.  Excitedly, she hurried for the door way, but stopped abruptly seeing Connie wrapped in Jim’s arms.

Confusion, rage, agony filled every cell of her being.  She was only consoled with the knowledge of Jenny still in her room and not witnessing this betrayal.  She must get this stopped before that happens.

“Jim, I have something to tell you”.  Connie whispered excitedly.
Jim nuzzled her hair, taking in the exotic scent of her.
“You are going to be a Father”.  Connie’s face radiated and glowed as she softly spoke these words to Ronda’s husband.

In an instant, a memory intruded the shocking moment.  The Cel phone had rang, it was Jim.  A memory of screaming, metal crunching against pavement, twisting, turning, the smell of gasoline, loose items flying in slow motion.  A memory assaulting Ronda’s mind, burning it with agony and pain came the visions of the car careening over the embankment, catching fire, the two of them helplessly imprisoned within the metal cage surrounding them. . She had heard that popping sound before.  Jim was experimenting in the garage with a charge capable of being remotely detonated with a cel phone.  He had explained the many advantages of a device which could be easily manipulated remotely.  Suddenly she was standing beside the battered car holding Jenny’s hand, everything was fine, how they survived was nothing short of a miracle. Everything was fine.  She tried to sooth herself and wake up from this nightmare she was having.

Ronda lost her balance, reached for the door frame to steady herself but something odd happened.  Her hand went into the door frame as if it were a projection.  “Stop, what are you two doing?!!” suddenly erupted from her lips but they ignored her.

Hearing her Mother’s screaming, Jenny came running, however she was running through the walls in her haste!  Bounder simultaneously came to the doorway barking furiously toward the two embracing in the other room ready to protect Jenny and Ronda if necessary with every cell of his little body.  What in the hell is going on screamed Ronda’s mind as the two lovers turned to face her direction.

Suddenly she became calm, understanding the enormity of what had happened as her husband and his assistant looked annoyingly at the barking dog.    Remembering her cell phone ringing, answering it then the small explosion before her car became uncontrollable.  JIM!!!!   A sudden realization came that perhaps his former girlfriends sudden death had been no accident either.

Quickly, with purpose she approached the embracing Connie and Jim in HER living room.  Jenny hid behind her, not wanting to be away from her Mother yet terrified of this turn of events.

The solution was crystal clear….

Ronda stepped ever closer and closer to Connie until she and Connie became one.  This woman who had been her best friend.  This woman who had been trusted.  This woman who had been to every family event.  This woman!!!!!  RAGE filled her soul as she violently removed Connie, ejecting her to hell if there were any such a place and settled herself within with an almost imperceptible shudder.

Smoothing her hands firmly, sensuously down Jim’s backside she crooned…. “Oh, Sugar Butt, we are going to have so much fun” as a wicked smile filled her playful eyes.

She felt Jim’s entire body become an inflexible plank, there was only one woman who had called him that.

Ronda smiled knowing that the life within her new body would soon complete her life once again.  She would do everything she wished before Jenny’s arrival.

Jim’s eyes remained frozen upon the dog nuzzling Connies’ legs (a woman he never came within arms reach of), lovingly, a behavior Bounder only exhibited with one other woman and that person was no longer his problem.


About authorshonique

The morning dew creates strange imprints on gently crushed blades of grass with each step. Large Opal eyes adjust as a golden sun is just beginning to rise with a warmth unfamiliar upon her home world. With a cat like grace she stretches to experience some of the delicious sensations this human body will provide. Remembering her training, Daria quickly locates an old shirt which had been carelessly discarded to pull over the bronze, athletic body she had been assigned. He was near, his scent unmistakable, a barely perceptible smile crosses perfect lips. Crouching down she waits. He is hers, he just does not know it YET............ I really need to finish this story some day... sigh... it is a good one.
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