The Snail with a Pail -A Thanksgiving Fable

Chewy was a different Lad,
A very different snail.
Differences quite obvious
His house a beautiful pail.

Snail_blue_pail 1inch

Never invited for Holiday fun,
With a house upside down.
Looking through the window,
Not even a hint of a frown.

Snail_blue_pail 1inch

Thanksgiving dinner his favorite,
What a marvelous spread.
One major problem,
They had forgotten the bread.

Snail_blue_pail 1inch

Around the table they gathered,
Antenna all a twitching.
A breadless table?
They all grumbled while a wishing.

Snail_blue_pail 1inch

Tears began falling,
From Chewy’s big blue eyes.
To see so much sadness,
Hearing so many cries.

Snail_blue_pail 1inch

An idea suddenly
Sprang to his small mind.
A bakery was near
Bread easy to find.

Snail_blue_pail 1inch

As fast as a boat,
On water with sail.
He ordered the baker,
To fill up his pail.

Snail_blue_pail 1inch

Hurrying back
To the party with care,
He paused at the door
A most noisy affair.

Snail_blue_pail 1inch

Piling the bread
And adding a bow,
He rang the bell
Hid behind the hedge row.

Snail_blue_pail 1inch

A cheer was heard
Beyond from within,
As the guests all believed
A gift from the wind.

Snail_blue_pail 1inch

Back to the window,
Chewy hurried to see.
All his friends were inside,
Happy as could be.

Snail_blue_pail 1inch

The lesson he learned,
Emotions are frail.
Everything is better,
When born with a pail.


About authorshonique

The morning dew creates strange imprints on gently crushed blades of grass with each step. Large Opal eyes adjust as a golden sun is just beginning to rise with a warmth unfamiliar upon her home world. With a cat like grace she stretches to experience some of the delicious sensations this human body will provide. Remembering her training, Daria quickly locates an old shirt which had been carelessly discarded to pull over the bronze, athletic body she had been assigned. He was near, his scent unmistakable, a barely perceptible smile crosses perfect lips. Crouching down she waits. He is hers, he just does not know it YET............ I really need to finish this story some day... sigh... it is a good one.
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One Response to The Snail with a Pail -A Thanksgiving Fable

  1. susan says:

    wowwwwwwwwwwww love this poem aaaaaaaaaa

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