Who is this man? The man that inspired the world? The man that people still fight over? The man that just won’t go away? Who is this man of the ancient texts? I have spent a life time attempting to know him in a very intimate way.

Not as someone else would have me to understand him nor anyone else’s interpretation of who he was but personal to me. Here is my life study in as short of a coherent version I can supply for you. If you understand, then wonderful. If you do not understand, then that is also wonderful. Just because I do not choose another prophet to help me navigate through this world, it doesn’t imply they are any less personal to the individual who follows them.

Jesus was the first “New Ager”. He taught all that I have heard from the modern day guru’s. Only back a couple of thousand years ago he brought it to what is the Jewish community. Matthew 10:34.

He taught about other dimensions in which both helpful spirits and non helpful spirits reside and that persons could become possessed by them. Do not confuse this with the modern day version of mental illness, it is far from that. Modern man has attempted to understand without getting to know the teachings and mental illness is not the same as a possession. I say this because, mental
illness can not be cast out. It is not separate from the individual. Mental illness is an affliction that the individual possesses. Can it be healed or managed? Yes in the same way many other afflictions can be.

Possession, however is very different in that the person (in a weak state) has been attached by a spirit from another dimension and can not break loose of it. The individual knows it is there separate from themselves. In that case, the offending spirit can be removed.

In any case Jesus taught us a long time ago about inter dimensional beings capable of interacting with our dimension. We
just now have the technology to prove they are real such as EVPs and some photos where they manifest. There are many verses in the New Testament regarding this subject. If you read you will see that he classified demon possession differently than illness.

Jesus taught about the ability to perform healing through thought. He taught that people are energetic beings able to be healed through one person (the healer) as a conduit of the needed energy. The ill person must, however accept the energy and fully expect the situation to be resolved. We see examples of this every day and I have even witnessed some healing that has been documented by watching a tumor dissolve via ultra sound. See Jesus did not believe only his own followers (in the future to be called Christians as he is the teacher) to be able to perform these miracles. This ability is open to all persons as long as their connection to God (or the all vast storehouse of everything) is strong and pure.

Again, there are many examples of this in the new testament among what I call the red words.

Jesus taught reincarnation. I am not going to really delve into this controversial subject but it is clear when he asks : Matthew 16:14 There would be no reason in the world for this except that they believed in reincarnation. Another example is asking if a child was born blind (remember he was BORN blind) due to his own sins. John 9:2 So this I will leave with you. Some of us have very serious
issues believing we have lived before and may not have been the nicest of people. Some people have not learned from mistakes and resolved not to be that way again so they must come back and find self forgiveness by living the transgression themselves. When they live the transgression then they are able to forgive themselves but this is an individual job and I am not in charge of your soul, you are.

The great news? We are here now and have another chance. We have been born again in effect. This is different than many of the scriptures in this context and I don’t want to confuse it. Simply, Jesus believed we have many chances to make another decision as we find our way to our own truth and to our own need not to come back. Why do I say this? It is quite simple actually. Look at
the Lords Prayer. He teaches Karma here. He teaches that we judge ourselves based upon how we judge others. Matthew 6:12 Also see this where he warns us that we are judged strictly on how we judge others. Matthew 7:2 Basically we are our own judge and jury once we leave this dimension. We look back over our lives and see where adjustments need to be made, where we need to try again, rest then back we come to give it another go.

So what about salvation? Is that real? I believe it is that moment of
enlightenment. That moment I can not describe. I also think that given more time it might have played out differently but he only had 3 years and disciples that were cowards. Oh that will probably piss you off but it is how I feel. A quick fix had to happen and if enlightenment (not some new form of fascism) were to be felt then experienced and later understood as an inside job; he had to go with what they understood at that moment in history. Oh, these are only my thoughts on it but it was at the end of the 3 years (when he was close to being killed) that all of that happened.

See Jesus believed we are all children of the One, God, or whatever name you want to put on the place our souls came from. Matthew 12:50. Why? I believe it is because we all came from the same source. At a soul level we (humans) are within the same family. This is how I have come to understand it.

We are simply confused. The ultimate “game” is to convince people that our souls are at stake. Why? How can you prove any differently yet the majority of us know that we have a soul and eternity. A lifetime is short and if we do not realize that we can atone for what we (after we are no longer here) decide we did wrong then we must find a way to save ourselves. Many do this through organized religion. It has been that way for a very long time.

Sadly we still look for salvation outside of ourselves rather than internally. I suppose if a person believes they can do what they know is wrong and ask forgiveness with it being completely wiped away then this brings peace. It also puts the power into someone outside of the individual’s hands and simply our own growth and walk toward enlightenment is an inside job. No matter what dogma is followed or which sect we give our power to, in the end it is your journey. No one else can take this journey for you or save you from your self.

How many times did Jesus say, “go and sin no more”? Have you ever wondered why? What if you had a clean slate right now? What if you could forgive yourself for all that you view as something you did wrong? No excuses for why I did this or that. No fluff or he did, she did. Just a simple, I screwed up.  At that moment we would have forgiven ourselves and at that moment we are only in danger of basically screwing up again. It is enlightenment, that moment of complete clarity.

It is a moment of peace that I can not describe and it is not just for the Christians. Jesus just came to try to bring the Jews out of darkness.

None of this implies we should be a doormat to the world, our family, our neighbors. See, if we love ourselves then we will love others also. We may not like what they do but we will love them just the same. If we love ourselves then we will not simply stand idle when someone disrespects us. We will (without violence) hear them out then we will either resolve the conflict or we will end our
relationship with that other person. How would you council your child to contend with disrespect or bullies? Take this counsel yourself. Remember that due to the law of karma… we do unto others as we would have them to unto ourselves.

If you resort to violence then expect violence in return. We are to turn the other cheek and then walk away, use peaceful methods at our disposal and resolve the issue. Treat every one as you want others to treat you and if they do not return the treatment, love yourself enough to remove yourself from the mistreatment.

The problem I have with this is a knowing of myself. If I am at home and someone comes into my home to harm me. I know I would defend myself and my loved ones. This I am certain of. Does it mean I have not reached enlightenment? Possibly. Remember I am on a journey the same as you. Being truthful with myself, I can only say… I am no where close to being a Christed Being yet or one that reached that level. The question comes to me….. why am I even considering someone coming to harm me or my family? Will this not pull that type of energy my way? The answer is… yes… so I will continue thinking on this and why it is even a part of my mental reality.

We are capable of moving or changing anything in this physical reality. It is set only as long as we believe that is how it is. When we change our minds, that around us also changes IF we believe and begin living as if the situation is different. They call this faith but even the word faith has been polluted. See faith is simply a very deep knowing. It is not a wish. It is a knowing. It is as tangent as the keyboard my fingers are touching. Matthew 17:20 then given an example Matthew 17:27 Sometimes it takes time but be assured that the source or what many refer to as God knows ahead of time what you need or will be needing and will put it all into place. Listen to your heart and simply act when you KNOW what to do and where your desire has been placed for you. Matthew 6:8

I am not dogging any other belief system. Simply, I don’t care and your soul is not my job. It is enough that I try to walk my own path. Sometimes I manage. Other times I fail. Each time I learn and become more compassionate, more loving, more of basically everything I think of when I think of human potential. I believe there are many paths to the same goal, one of them will be the road you want to walk.

Very simply, I will not argue any one’s choice of which religion is right or wrong. I will not even attempt to change another person’s mind. That is not my job. I am a Christian. I am not a follower of any of the disciples. That pretty much went out the window for me when they sat by as they feared for their own lives while he was killed. I don’t care if it was to fulfill a prophecy. I also do not like
how they locked themselves up in houses after Jesus died scared of their own shadows. I mean, really, did the man not teach you anything at all? I am pretty pissed off about it. Oh and women in the bible. Come on now, who was at the tomb when it was all said and done? A woman!!! She was not hiding at all. Ok enough said because I am not in the mood for these feelings of anger over it
this morning. I do not follow the old testament because Jesus came to bring the Good News and humanity into a self responsibility regarding our individual souls. We live good lives and it does not matter if we have a fatted calf to sacrifice… geesh. Ok enough said there or I will go off on a tangent AGAIN. Who decides what a good life is? Treat everyone you come into contact exactly as you want
them to treat you. EXACTLY. This is all you need to do.

Jesus gave us 2 things to do. One is to love our creator with everything we have. What does that mean to me? It means having a relationship with my source. A real relationship, one in which I know my source and my source knows me, together we have a life that no one else will ever witness or take away from me. It is between my source and myself, no one else. Sometimes, I get angry and actually yell and scream at my source then we resolve the issue because literally this is a relationship we can not divorce ourselves from, nope not at all, so as in all relationships, sometimes the road is rocky for me and we have to work things out. We love each other though and my source understands that even when I am angry, the love I have is never in question. I am in the physical after all and
well, things are a little different here than where my source is. Thankfully I am loved (just as you are). The second is to love each other. Again, I have issues with this often. I have to remind myself that it is not my job to fix anyone else, only to love them. I can love another without condoning what they are doing, easily. If what they are doing is negatively impacting my life, I can love myself
enough to distance myself from it while still loving them.
Possibly my most favorite chapter is Matthew 6. If you get a chance, read it. He was not talking to “Christians”. At that time there was no such thing as a Christian. We made that up later. It simply means, “I follow the teachings of Christ.” There are many false doctrines out there but if you read his words you will get to know him personally. If you consider him, I think you might even learn to love him as I do. He was talking to everyone regardless of their personal belief system.

That is what I love about reading his words. He was not talking to people who gave money to his church or who even believed like himself. He was talking to everyone regardless of where they came from or how much money they have or what clothing they wear. I love that about him. Yes, I follow a man who in his days was outcast as being Fatherless. I follow a man who was a non-conformist. I follow a man that had no address to call home. I follow a man who spoke his own truth, even if it killed him. I follow a man who hung out with drunks and enjoyed a glass of wine or two or three. I follow a man who told them to leave that woman alone when she wanted to listen to him rather than be in the kitchen doing her womanly duties. I follow a man who got angry at times and let it fly, I mean he even got mad at a fig tree once and made it die. Pretty sure he learned from that one. I got the lesson of it which is be careful because our words have power. I follow a man that did not care what we want for our lives in the way of money and if having it is good then he was all for that but not at the cost of your soul as the soul must come first. I follow what, for my life, speaks to me as enlightened teachings and a good way to live. Yes, to say I am in love with this Man’s teachings does not even begin to describe the relationship I have with him.

I follow the red words of the Bible. Are they the actual words of Jesus? I don’t know but what he said, rings true for my life. The philosophy is not in contradiction to what quantum physics is discovering and basically it is a simple way to live what I view as a good life.




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