Just Life

MyGardenGrowsCaution the material I discuss here may be controversial for you.  If you have tolerance issues please leave now.

The menu for these topics are below giving you time to make your decision without any type of coercion or negative feelings on my part should this be your decision.

My views on many things are my own, I have given a lot of thought to how I feel/process major things in my life.

Social Media tends to be very superficial.  I am not a superficial person.  Most people who know me describe me as very deep.  I have no issues with social media being a place where we uplift each other and pretend to know each other in very superficial ways.  At the same time, it is not my way to be superficial with you.

I always have and always will respect your differing points of view or thoughts.  Do no ever change what is working in your life for anyone.  Just remember one thing, I may not know you but I love you.  Those that I do know, I appreciate beyond measure and value your friendship.



The Secret to a Happy Life



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